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Eurostat is pleased to announce the second round of European Statistics Awards on Nowcasting starting in June 2023.  The competition aims at stimulating innovation in Nowcasting for European statistics. Data scientists and time series analysis specialists are invited to participate.

In the Energy Statistics Nowcasting Challenge, teams will focus on using advanced modelling techniques and (nearly) real-time auxiliary data, to come up with nowcasts for key energy time series way ahead of the official figures. The nowcasts that are closest to the official European statistics will be rewarded for Accuracy, and the team that best documents their nowcasting models will win the Reproducibility Award. 

The competition will begin on 1 June 2023 and will run for ten months until 31 March 2024. Registration is open until 28 September 2023, with prizes up to €8 000 per nowcasted time series. If a team secures the top spot for all three time series, it could earn up to €24 000 in this round. 

For more information on the European Statistical Awards Programme, please refer to the European Statistics Awards website.

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