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Adopted by the EUA Council on 28 October 2016, this vision paper provides an early perspective on the main challenges ahead and outlines key areas, from the point of view of Europe’s universities, to be considered by the European Commission when planning the Ninth EU Framework Programme (FP9). EUA’s position reflects the significant contribution made by European universities in promoting excellence in research and education and their role in advancing societal, cultural and economic development.

EUA’s vision highlights three main priorities in designing the FP9:

1. provide long-term policies and funding instruments for research

2. reinforce collaboration and minimise discrepancies across the EU

3. seek a stronger alignment of EU policies for education, research and innovation

The statement was developed by EUA’s Research Policy Working Group (RPWG), the EUA Board and Council. It is based on the experience of European universities with FP7 and FP8,  the EUA position on the European Innovation Council (29 April 2016), the ex-post evaluation of the FP7 (25 January 2016), and the EU Council Conclusions on “FP7 and the Future Outlook” (27 May 2016).

EUA vision for the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9)

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