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As Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK are moving into the second phase, EUA calls for a comprehensive view on academic cooperation and urges the EU institutions to include this in the additional negotiation guidelines for phase 2 to be adopted in late March 2018. 

International research collaboration and student and staff mobility are great achievements of European integration that must be safeguarded and sustained after the UK has left the European Union. The UK is Europe’s undisputed leader in research and the most popular destination for European mobile students. Losing ties with the UK would damage Europe as a whole and must be prevented.

The links between the UK and the rest of Europe reinforce research, mobility, and our common development of higher education. All these areas are interdependent: research requires mobility for international cooperation; higher education needs research-based learning; mobility requires common structures in higher education, etc. For this reason, Europe needs a comprehensive deal on academic cooperation between the EU and the UK after Brexit.

EUA calls for comprehensive view on academic cooperation in Brexit negotiations


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