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The European university community warmly congratulates the UK Prime Minister and the President of the European Commission on the deal that has been reached for the UK to become an Associated Country in the Horizon Europe programme, which takes effect from 1 January 2024.

We celebrate this commitment as a united European family of universities. It puts an end to years of uncertainty over the UK's status in relation to EU science programmes and is the result of collaborative efforts across the sector including the Stick to Science campaign. The deal, which also covers the Copernicus earth observation programme, will safeguard funding for collaboration between researchers across Europe on research projects for the rest of the current Horizon Europe programme. It will also secure the participation of UK institutions in the European Research Council and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. This outcome ensures pan-European research which broadens our common understanding of the world around us and addresses the great challenges of our time, like the climate emergency, healthy ageing and emerging technologies, can continue smoothly for years ahead.

“The news of UK association to Horizon Europe is a great step forward for a Europe where knowledge has no borders. This goal is deeply ingrained in EUA as an organisation with members all across the European continent. Today, Europe’s universities celebrate the end of a long road that began in 2016 and look forward to rebuilding and further developing close partnerships” said Josep M. Garrell, EUA President.

Paul Boyle, EUA Vice-President and Vice-Chancellor of Swansea University added: “This Horizon Europe deal ensures that the UK will be able to join forces with our European partners to tackle some of the greatest challenges that we are facing together. This provides the stable, long-term foundation for British and EU researchers to make real and lasting progress and the excitement among our colleagues is palpable.”

Jamie Arrowsmith, Director of Universities UK International, said “This news will be extremely welcome to researchers everywhere, who will now be able to collaborate with clarity and certainty through the Horizon Europe programme. This will create opportunities for research and innovation that has the ability to transform lives. We are extremely grateful for the efforts of everyone in the European research community who has worked tirelessly to help secure this agreement.”

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