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EUA member Riga Technical University (RTU) has launched a tenure system and offers eight tenured professor positions. Tenured professors selected by competition will be confirmed in their positions for two years. Upon receiving a positive evaluation at the end of this term, the employment contract will be extended indefinitely.

The tenured professor positions are offered in the following fields:

  1. Engineering and Technologies, indicative themes: 1) “Integrated Sensing and Terahertz Technologies” and 2) “RF integrated circuits and systems”. 
  2. Social Sciences, Economics and Entrepreneurship, indicative theme: “Data Analysis-Based Economics and Business Development”. 
  3. Engineering and Technologies, in the field of Electronics, Information and Communication technologies with an indicative theme: 1) “Digital Humanities Data Curation: Modelling, Processing, Management” and in the sub-field E-learning technologies and management with indicative theme: 2) “E-learning technology, knowledge management, digital ecosystems, business models of the digital age”. 
  4. Engineering and Technologies, in the field of Construction and transport engineering and in the sub-field Building structures and other construction and transport engineering with an indicative theme: “Structural Integrity, Reliability and Health Monitoring of Advanced Materials, Structures and Systems”. 
  5. Natural Sciences, Computer Science and Informatics, other sub-fields of computer science and informatics in the sub-field of Cyber Security, with indicative themes: 1) “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” and 2) “Cyber Security and Privacy”. 
  6. Engineering and Technologies, in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics and in the sub-fields of Mechanical Engineering Technologies, with indicative theme: “Additive Technologies for surface engineering”. 
  7. Engineering and Technologies, in the field of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies with an indicative topic: “Electrical engineering”. 

The application deadline is 20 September 2023 at 17:00 CEST. For more information, please visit the website of the Riga Technical University.

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