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The European Commission’s Industrial Strategy for Europe and the European Digital Strategy launched in the spring of 2020 offer an opportunity for a broad and holistic approach to fundamental challenges that concern all Europeans.

In this policy brief, EUA points out that the strategies both require a solid knowledge base through investments in curiosity-driven research. The document also emphasises that the key to innovation and take-up of new technologies and social innovation is in Europe’s innovation ecosystems, where universities play a central role.

The EUA policy brief also notes that facilitating data sharing and Open Science is a crucial part of the strategies. In addition, it discusses how education and skills must emphasise the learning process and promote lifelong learning. Finally, the response emphasises that mastering the green and digital transitions while tackling the immediate and long-term impact of the coronavirus crisis will be instrumental in ensuring Europe’s sustainability and resilience.

EUA response to the new EU Industrial and Digital Strategies

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