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In parallel with the efforts to persuade researchers to practice Open Science, and the need to develop new research assessment methodologies that fairly assess the scientific quality of the research outcomes independently of indirect metrics such as the journal impact factor, there is a recognition of the need to change the current publishing system, making it more transparent, cost-effective, innovative and closer to the interests of the research community and research institutions.

Regarding cost effectiveness, some studies indicate that savings can be made in the transition to an open access scholarly system (of up to 45%). An EUA study showed that subscriptions to three top publishers in 20 European countries amount to, at least, EUR 380 million per year. This conservative figure implies a potential saving of ca. EUR 170 million which could be relocated, for example, to research activity and/or moving towards Open Access (green, gold or other open access publishing models).

EUA has several key messages for EU Institutions and for National Governments. The messages follow the recommendations that EUA has provided to its membership based on current good practice (open access to research publications, and on research data management and text and data mining), and are fully in line with EU policies.

EUA Statement on Open Science to EU Institutions and National Governments


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