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This document presents a set of aims and recommendations for university leaders and National Rectors’ Conferences to assist them in facilitating effective research data management (RDM) and text and data mining (TDM) in a manner wholly complementary with the EUA recommendations on open access to research publications. While the latter is at a more developed stage of implementation across Europe, RDM and TDM are still in an early state of realisation. Levels of awareness among researchers in RDM and TDM are lower generally, and institutional and national policies are few (cf. EUA Survey on Open Access 2016/17). Accordingly, the aims and recommendations contained here are designed to support universities and National Rectors’ Conferences in pump-priming the application of RDM and TDM practices as a means to further enhance open access to research data arising from publicly funded research.

Towards Open Access to Research Data


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