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The missions and work of universities in Europe and elsewhere are underpinned by a number of fundamental values. EUA as an Association strongly believes in and works towards upholding these.

The Association’s activities include monitoring and promoting institutional autonomy as a core principle of university governance and advocating for academic freedom as the single most important basis for meaningful academic research and teaching. EUA has a strong track record in standing up for freedom of expression and the protection of higher education and its communities from intimidation and attack.

In addition, the Association supports universities in nurturing a culture of openness, tolerance and dialogue by promoting diversity among students and staff, integrating refugees into their communities and acting as models of healthy democratic communities. EUA encourages its members to fulfil their civic role by contributing to social and political debates, addressing societal challenges and contributing to sustainable development. The Association also focuses on the responsible and proper conduct of scientific work, as upholding research integrity and ethics is key to strengthening universities’ credibility and consolidating their role in society.

EUA works together with its members and a variety of partners, including Scholars at Risk, the Magna Charta Observatory and the International Association of Universities (IAU), to ensure that these values are respected and guide universities’ activities.


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