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The Turin conference, co-organised with the Association of Commonwealth Universities and co-hosted with the University of Turin on the occasion of its 600th anniversary, was the second in a series of three EUA conferences in 2004 which focussed on the social relevance of higher education and research for the development of a knowledge society. The first conference discussed the engagement of stakeholders in universities (Marseille, April 2004). The Turin conference provided an opportunity for international participants to address the implications for academic values of opening up universities to the world around them. The outcomes of the discussions in Turin provided the foundation for the EUA conference examining the role of research training in Europe (Maastricht, October 2004).

The higher education environment has changed considerably in recent decades and this transformation presents both threats and opportunities to the sector. The conference brought together international participants to discuss the implications of this new environment, both in terms of general higher education policies and the specific activities of individual institutions.

Conference proceedings in English and Italian.

EUA Conference on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the University of Turin

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