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At the meeting point between higher education and research and in support of early career researchers, doctoral education plays a key role in addressing the key challenges that research currently faces.

EUA is a leading voice in doctoral education in Europe. The Association works with members to strengthen their doctoral research capacity and tackle pressing topics for the European doctoral education community. Notably, EUA has widely contributed to doctoral education reform in Europe, as well as research training. 

The Association primarily carries out this work through the EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE), a special membership service which promotes collaboration and exchange of good practices. EUA-CDE is the largest European network in the field. It covers 38 countries and brings together a community of academic leaders and professionals from more than 280 universities.

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EUA-CDE is the driving force behind the creation and implementation of the “Salzburg Principles and Recommendations”. In this context, its efforts have resulted in strengthening doctoral education at the intersection between the European Higher Education and Research Areas. 

In its many activities related to doctoral education, EUA-CDE focuses on topics like research ethics and integrity, career paths in and outside of academia, internationalisation, Open Science and the wellbeing of doctoral candidates.

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