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The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for the continued implementation of reforms in doctoral education building on the Salzburg Principles and Recommendations. It is directed at university leaders who want to continue and deepen the implementation of Salzburg at the strategic level, ensuring a consistent, institution-wide approach to doctoral education. The document also provides recommendations for daily managers of doctoral education who look to keep their activities and processes up to date and responsive to new challenges for universities.

The recommendations in this document are the result of a consultation process with the members of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE), including a number of focus groups in 2014 and 2015 and discussions at the EUA-CDE Annual Meeting at the Technical University of Munich in June 2015. In total, more than 200 universities and organisations from 39 countries have directly participated in this process. 

This document argues that doctoral education reform should continue and provides recommendations on how to further implementation, make structures more coherent and gain ownership from all parts of the institution. It also considers challenges regarding ethics, digitalisation and globalisation, which have gained importance and were not sufficiently included in the Salzburg Principles and Recommendations.


Doctoral Education - Taking Salzburg Forward: Implementation and New Challenges

EUA Council for Doctoral Education

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