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This report, “Collaborative Doctoral Education: University-Industry Partnerships for Enhancing Knowledge Exchange” presents the findings of the project “DOC-CAREERS: From Innovative Doctoral Education to Enhanced Career Opportunities”, which was conducted with the financial support from the European Commission – Directorate-General for Research.

The report draws upon also upon the knowledge and experience accumulated by EUA on doctoral programme reform through several projects in the framework of the “Third Cycle” of the Bologna Process, and on university-industry cooperation through the “Responsible Partnering Guidelines” initiative. The European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA), as one of the partners of the latter initiative, has been also a key partner in the conduct of this present study by facilitating the consultation with the business sector.

Collaborative Doctoral Education: University-Industry Partnerships for Enhancing Knowledge Exchange

Borrell-Damian, Lidia

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