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The European Commission is currently conducting an interim evaluation of the progress in putting in place and developing the European Education Area (EEA). The evaluation involves a number of consultations to gather feedback of a variety of stakeholders.

Education and training play a crucial role so that everyone can flourish in society. To build more resilient and inclusive education and training systems in Europe and help address the common challenges that they face, the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training was put in place. This framework was outlined in the Council Resolution of February 2021 and has as an overarching objective of building the EEA.

European cooperation to build the EEA focuses on:

– improving quality, equity, inclusion and success for all,

– making lifelong learning and mobility a reality for all,

– supporting the green and digital transitions in and through education and training,

– enhancing competences and motivation in the education profession,

– strengthening European higher education.

It also helps to make Europe stronger in the world.

To provide insights into what has been achieved within the EEA, an evaluation is being conducted and the results of this public consultation will be added to the evidence base. The consultation will be open until 27 June and can be accessed via this link.

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