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AURORAL Smart Learning Community is a professional learning network that follows the principles of mutual learning and the community science and is centered around the H2020-AURORAL project. It is being developed in a variety of forms within the SmarTomorrow Ecosystem brand.

The Smart Learning Community as a voluntary initiative itself is designed to leverage the project potential, activities, resource, and knowledge of the AURORAL project, in particular the AURORAL Academy, for the sake of mutual learning, collaboration and development of smart communities in partnership with the AURORAL stakeholders.

For more information, please visit the dedicated website.

Call for Grant Applications and Evaluation Experts within the H2020-AURORAL project 

The H2020-AURORAL Project focuses on increasing connectivity and delivering a digital environment of smart objects, interoperable services, platforms that are able to trigger dynamic regional including rural ecosystems of innovation chains, applications, and services. AURORAL organises its Open Call to validate and add value to the project’s technology and use cases that contribute to creating an Open Innovation Ecosystem of developers, innovators, service providers, and Smart Communities. 

The main financing targets will be: 

1) Call for new Smart Communities: validate the AURORAL technologies and Open APIs in areas beyond the project pilots; expand the AURORAL ecosystem and broadening the number and type of AURORAL solutions. 

2) Call for new complementary services: complement existing pilot system with added-value features and functionalities; attract SMEs to the project’s ecosystem and Community. 

The H2020-AURORAL Project will be also looking for experts to evaluate proposals. Independent experts are expected to be professionals knowledgeable about distributed architecture systems and, besides any programming preferences, able to focus on the quality of the tech solution provided and its capability to use/provide services through the Data Broker. The H2020-AURORAL Project will look for high-profile professionals fitting into one of those two profiles: Technology experts with a broad understanding of distributed architecture systems and RESTful APIs. Business experts with a good knowledge of digital services management or regional development. 

More information on the call and the Info Day on 4 October 2023 can be found at the project website

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