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The OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) has published the report “Promoting diverse career pathways for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers”.

The report analyses the career options of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. It identifies policies and practices to promote diverse careers, flexible career trajectories and ultimately better-quality research and innovation across different economic and social sectors.

The report presents a conceptual framework and synthesis of available data and policy information. It offers recommendations and a set of policy options to: promote engagement and interaction with employers outside academia; provide researchers with experience and skills for diverse careers; encourage valorisation of diverse career options; support career development and guidance for researchers; promote inter-sectoral mobility; and, reconfigure and support careers in academia.

EUA had contributed to an OECD-Global Science Forum workshop on Career options for early-stage researchers in November 2022.

Download the report from the OECD library.

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