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The Erasmus+ programme is of key importance to the higher education sector, but despite its success, it requires further enhancement.

EUA has developed recommendations for Erasmus+ on behalf of the European higher education sector. They are grounded in the Association’s longstanding engagement with and monitoring of Erasmus+, as well as consultations with members and partners, including a survey carried out in 2022/3, which gathered 500 institutional responses from 49 programme and partner countries.

Erasmus+ provides unique opportunities for cross-border exchange and collaboration for individuals, institutions and systems. The programme successfully fosters peer-learning and sharing of good practice and innovation on a wide range of issues, from curriculum development and institutional governance to societal collaboration. For many institutions, it is their main funding source for international mobility and cooperation. There is probably no higher education institution in Europe that does not participate in the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, in one way or another. Increasing numbers of institutions from around the world also participate.

The ongoing European Commission interim evaluation of the programme offers an opportunity to highlight these successes, but also point to some necessary improvements to the programme.

Building on the success of Erasmus+

Recommendations for the interim evaluation of the programme (2021-27)

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