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Six Turkish universities are raising funds to support university students affected by the devastating recent earthquakes.

Since 6 February, two earthquakes of magnitudes 7.8 and 7.5 hit southeast Türkiye, devastating southern provinces of the country and even more in northwest Syria.

In response, Boğaziçi University, Middle East Technical University (METU), Istanbul Technical University (İTU), Yıldız Technical University (YTU), Ankara University, and Hacettepe University have created this fundraiser, which will initially focus on students from these universities. The organisers plan to expand the campaign’s reach to other universities in the following weeks after reliable contacts and networks have been established.

In the first round, the goal is to reach 400 students with a one-time stipend worth €250 per person. This support will address their immediate needs and help them to start rebuilding their lives. Therefore, the campaign organisers initially aim to collect €100,000 in total.

The funds will be given to students directly affected by the earthquake, or whose families have been affected. The recipients will be identified in cooperation with the student councils of the selected universities.

The European University Association encourages its members to support this campaign by donating and/or sharing it with their community.

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