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In 2019, the university sector in Europe was bracing for change: a new European Parliament was elected, a new Commission formed, and the EU long-term budget discussions were in their final rounds. At the same time the Brexit negotiations were underway.

This scenario was peppered with major developments, like the 20th anniversary of the Bologna Process and the launch of the European Universities Initiative. There were also significant changes within the Association, notably a renewal in the EUA leadership and the beginning of a strategic review.

This Annual Report is proof of the Association’s concrete efforts against this backdrop. In 2019, EUA served as a watchdog for the sector in Brussels, influencing policy decisions and informing members. It also worked with higher education institutions across the continent to show the impact of universities on a broad scale. Furthermore, the Association’s new leadership began analysing how to champion the creation of a European university system that will partner with and compete successfully with those emerging in other regions of the world.  

EUA members were a valuable part of this effort, as their input fed into the many discussions and publications featured in this report.

EUA Annual Report 2019

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