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Thematic Peer Groups (TPGs) organised by the EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE) provide participating member universities with opportunities for mutual learning on selected topics. They contribute to a common knowledge base on doctoral education structures, policies and practices in Europe.

The 2023 EUA-CDE Thematic Peer Group will be dedicated to the topic of profiles and institutional support for postdoctoral researchers. The aim of this Thematic Peer Group will be to discuss the position and status of postdoctoral researchers at European universities, reflect on the existing support in place for the postdoctoral community and to develop and enhance new strategies and activities in order to create a more appropriate environment and opportunities for this population.

Members of this Thematic Peer Group will also have the possibility to share their experience with postdoctoral researchers, address the most pressing issues and challenges faced by this population and produce recommendations on how universities can improve the quality of the postdoctoral period and further expand the career prospects and accommodate the growing needs of this community.

The first meeting of this EUA-CDE Thematic Peer Group will take place towards the beginning of 2023. Please note that participation to EUA-CDE Thematic Peer Groups is reserved to EUA-CDE member universities.

If you are interested in attending, please consult the call for participation below and submit the application form to by 6 October 2022. If you wish to receive updates concerning this TPG, please do not hesitate to contact Ana-Maria Peneoasu.

2023 EUA-CDE Thematic Peer Group – call document

2023 EUA-CDE Thematic Peer Group – submission form

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