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The second webinar in the webinar series organised jointly by Coventry University and EBN - European Business & Innovation Centre Network will take place on the 1st of March 2023 at 4.00 PM CET, under the topic: "Extended Reality Solutions for the Future of Healthcare Simulation".

This webinar will examine the Coventry University`s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences` approach to enhancing healthcare simulation with a focus on the use of technological advancements such as extended reality (XR), haptics, artificial intelligence (AI), and 5G. It will namely explore proof-of-concept project collaborations with industries such as Vodafone, Gamoola, PCS, and HaptX and the lessons learned, whilst delving into the institution's direction of focus for research and the vision for future healthcare simulation curriculum design and industry-academia collaboration.

On Coventry`s side, the confirmed speakers are Abigail K. Green, Assistant Professor of Health Simulation & HCPC Registered Dietitian, Juliana Samson, PhD Student in Practice Placement Virtual Simulation & HCPC Physiotherapist, Marc Gilbey, Assistant Professor & Advanced Clinical Practitioner, as well as Sam Clark, Assistant Professor (Simulation). We will be joined by Michelle Castleberry, Co-founder, Chief of Content & Head of the Clinical Advisory Board of Patient Communication Simulator (PCS). The co-hosts will be Paul Fairburn, Director of Innovation Ecosystem (Coventry University) & Bram Pauwels, Chief Strategy Officer (EBN).

More registration and information is available on EBN's website.

Other planned webinars on "Extended Reality Solutions for… for the following themes:"Transport and Mobility – 19 Apr 2023, 4.00 PM CEST, Digital Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 – 31 May 2023, 4.00 PM CEST.

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