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The European University Association (EUA) presents a set of recommendations on sustaining Ukrainian universities and enabling them to continue their research and teaching activities.

The Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 impelled an immediate display of solidarity and support from higher education and research institutions, governments and other organisations. With the war now in its second year, beyond immediate help and emergency support, it is important to ensure the continuation of the Ukrainian higher education and research sector, but also its further development, reform, and integration with European and international research and education cooperation.

The recommendations are based on the work of EUA’s Ukraine Task Force and consultations with its members and partners. Addressed to governments, donors, universities and other research-intensive higher education institutions and organisations, they do not intend to prescribe certain actions, but to enhance collaboration and dialogue on how to better advance together in the context of uncertainty around the course and duration of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

EUA’s recommendations further suggest support for the Ukrainian higher education and research sector through strategic long-term approaches, with some coordination among all actors, to enable the best use of resources, synergies and cooperation.

EUA will continue to leverage different means to support Ukrainian universities. Along with these recommendations, as an immediate measure EUA has launched a call to all actors and stakeholders to share information on existing support measures.

Supporting the Ukrainian university sector

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