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The Glasgow Convention provided the opportunity for over 600 EUA members and partners from over 40 countries to come together and take stock of progress made so far in developing the European Higher Education Area, as well to discuss the challenges that lie ahead. Based upon the results of the Glasgow discussions the EUA adopted the Glasgow Declaration that calls for greater recognition of the vital cultural, social and economic role of Europe's universities, and underlines the importance of strong universities in responding to ever growing and more varied societal demands. Key messages drawn from the Glasgow Declaration were presented to European Ministers meeting in Bergen (19-20 May 2005) and are reflected in the text of the Bergen Communiqué’ that will shape the Bologna process in the years to come.

 The Convention report includes introductory speeches made at the Convention, contributions from the two panel sessions, as well as the thematic working documents prepared for the event and the conclusions of the different working groups. It also includes the Glasgow Declaration itself, built on the preliminary conclusions presented by Professor Peter Gaehtgens, General Rapporteur for the Conference. The intention is thus to provide an overview of current thinking on key issues facing universities to-day that will be of use to individual members in coping with the different challenges identified and discussed in Glasgow.

3rd EUA Convention of European Higher Education Institutions

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