16 October 2009 | Report

Responsible Partnering - Joining Forces in a World of Open Innovation

Guidelines for Collaborative Research and Knowledge Transfer between Science and Industry

This Handbook describes a voluntary programme of Responsible Partnering aimed at improving strategic collaboration and knowledge exchange between companies and publicly-funded research organizations (for convenience, referred to as PROs), including Universities, Research and Technology Organizations and other public and semi-public bodies which engage in R&D. It addresses the organization and management of collaborative research and knowledge exchange, and the contexts (including education) in which these activities take place. The Handbook provides “self help” guidelines intended to help senior staff develop and implement effective approaches to these activities, develop the right professional skills and achieve an effective internal orientation directed towards addressing the organization’s objectives through partnership.

The Responsible Partnering Initiative was launched in 2004 by the following institutional organizations:

• European University Association
• European Association of Research and Technology Organizations
• European Industrial Research Management Association
• ProTon Europe

The initiative and its 2005 recommendations have been endorsed by:

• European Commission, Commissioners Potocnik and Verheugen

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