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Research Strategy Development in European Universities grew out of EUA’s study Trends IV: European Universities Implementing Bologna (2005) which, in the course of analysing how universities are responding to the challenges of implementing the Bologna reforms, highlighted how few institutions have developed institutional research strategies. This study was undertaken in order to examine in detail strategy development from its definition through to the implementation phase and the factors, both internal and external, which affect this process. Based on site visits to institutions, this report reflects the complex situation which exists in Europe’s universities and demonstrates the importance of strategy development for an institution’s innovation potential.


The issue of research strategy was first examined by EUA at the conference “Research in European Universities: Strategies and Funding” (Uppsala, Sweden, October 2005). This report seeks to continue the discussions begun in Uppsala, by casting new light on many questions raised and deepening EUA’s knowledge in this area, recognised as being crucial in the Glasgow Declaration (2005) in which European universities pledge to “exercise their own responsibilities for enhancing research and innovation through the optimal use of resources and the development of institutional research strategies”.

Research Strategy Development and Management at European Universities

Sibylle Reichert

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