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EUA commissioned this study entitled The Rise of Knowledge Regions: Emerging Opportunities and Challenges for Universities with the aim of understanding the current role of universities and future potential of universities in regional knowledge development and the study also includes a review on the most recent literature in the fi eld. A particularly important element of this study was a series of interviews with professionals involved in university-industry-government cooperation schemes to foster regional innovation conducted in four selected European regions (Barcelona, Brno, Manchester and Øresund) who provided first-hand experience of these collaborations.

The report was presented at the EUA October 2006 Conference on “Universities as Catalysts in Promoting Regional Innovation” in Brno, Czech Republic, that addressed the role of universities as key drivers of innovation. Given the many existing good practices and the new opportunities to maximize synergies between regional, national and European policy initiatives, the initiative lies now with the universities to strengthen their regional capacity in research and innovation.

The Rise of Knowledge Regions: Emerging Opportunities and Challenges for Universities

Sibylle Reichert

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