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The European University Association (EUA) appreciates the European Commission’s interest in fostering innovation in Europe and welcomes the discussion on ideas for a European Innovation Council (EIC). EUA believes that a comprehensive strategy for facilitating well-functioning regional, national and European innovation ecosystems, and for strategically addressing the barriers to investment in innovative business opportunities is, indeed, needed.

From EUA’s perspective, an EIC should have as its main mission the enhancement of Europe’s competitiveness and help to create jobs with high added-value for the benefit of society at large. It should take into account the strong relation between investment in research-based innovation, investment in the development of highlyskilled human resources and the resulting economic and social innovation. Education and training should be an integral part of European innovation policies.

The summary below represents a synopsis of the points outlined in more detail in the second part of the document, which are based on input from EUA members and its Research Policy Working Group (RPWG).

EUA’s response to the European Commission Call for Ideas on Designing a European Innovation Council

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