13 November 2014 | EQAF Paper

How does the Estonian system of quality assurance in higher education support teaching to learning paradigm shift based on the example of Estonian IT College

Inga Vau, Merle Varendi


The quality of learning has evolved into the core of the quality system of higher education institutions over the last decade. Different external evaluation processes are implemented to give stakeholders confidence that educational institutions meet the required quality. The IT College has undergone both external evaluations of higher education mandatory in Estonia. External evaluation assessment areas from the aspect of learning paradigm have been analysed in this article.

The structure of the article follows the structure of institutional accreditation form, the assessment criteria of study programme group are involved if relevant. It can be argued that the external evaluation of higher education rather supports shifting from teaching to learning, but it is also difficult for the external parties to assess the real functioning of an institution.
Further discussion should focus on how institutions’ own quality assurance system can identify learning-centred teaching and support the implementation of the learning paradigm.


This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.



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