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Improving the quality of teaching and learning has been at the heart of the Bologna Process reforms and continues to be of crucial importance for the further implementation of these reforms. The growth in interest in rankings, as well as recent student protests further illustrate the need for universities to reiterate their continued commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning. Therefore EUA’s policy position has been updated to take account of recent developments and to provide a solid basis for policy work and advocacy in the years to come.

This policy position focuses on the need to promote cultures of quality at the system as well as the institutional level. At institutional level ownership of quality processes among the university community is fundamental to the creation of true quality cultures which means it is crucial to ensure the commitment of students, academics and support staff alike. Governments for their part are encouraged to ensure that external quality assurance frameworks focus on promoting quality cultures aiming at institutional development rather than attempting to measure quality in quantitative terms.

EUA Policy Statement on Quality and Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area

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