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Based on the work of the EUA Learning & Teaching Initiative and the outcomes of the 1st European Learning & Teaching Forum, this paper underlines the importance of learning and teaching (L&T) as a core mission and responsibility of universities. 

Student learning needs and success must remain at the centre of universities’ educational mission. Building on this message, the position paper argues for a creative, active and innovative learning environment that is research-based and open to adapt to the changing needs of students and society.

To support such endeavours, the paper emphasises the need to better recognise teaching as central to the academic profession, to institutionalise L&T enhancement through a broad-based and clear institutional strategy, and to further explore European and international cooperation on the topic. Above all, the paper advocates for sufficiently autonomous and funded universities that allow further development and implementation of high-quality L&T.

Learning and Teaching in Europe’s Universities - An EUA position paper


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