23 November 2017 | EQAF Paper

Study concerning the evaluation of the quality of ARACIS activity by the higher education managers

Iordan Petrescu, Cristina Ghițulică, Madalin Bunoiu, Vlad Cherecheș, Dorian Cojocaru, Nicoleta Corbu, Simona Lache, Stefan Stanciu, Nicolae Tunsoiu, Emilia Gogu, Florin Mihai


The continuous process of improving ARACIS activity has two major objectives: increasing the efficacy of the process of internal and external evaluation and the development of new standards / indicators / procedures of quality assurance. To reach these goals, it is essential to understand and assess the opinions regarding the quality of ARACIS’ activity, and to identify the tendencies and risks regarding quality assurance in higher education in Romania. 

In this context, it becomes useful to take into account on the one hand the perception of managers in higher education – the primary factor of the organizational and development processes – and, on the other hand, the perception of the evaluators who put in place the procedures regarding the quality assurance process developed by ARACIS.


This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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