17 November 2016 | EQAF Paper

A research and evaluation framework to monitor impacts of curriculum reform in Maynooth University

James Walsh


Many higher education institutions are revising, and in some cases reforming, their undergraduate curricula with an objective of providing a higher quality education experience to students.

The literature on tertiary level curriculum change has tended to focus strongly on how change processes are initiated, the design of alternatives, and the resources required for implementation. Much attention has also been given to the importance of leadership and the engagement of staff, students and other stakeholders. There has been much less attention to monitoring, review and evaluation. This paper draws upon recent experience in Maynooth University to develop a research and evaluation framework for monitoring the impacts of a comprehensive university-wide reform of the curriculum. The focus is on the purpose of an evaluation in this context, what should be evaluated and how? who should be included? and at what stages in the project should the research and evaluation occur?


This paper was presented at EQAF and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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