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The present study on e-learning intends to contribute to closing a data gap and to stimulate the discussion on the further development of national and European policies on the issue and to supportits systematic institutional take-up. It draws upon a survey conducted by the European University Association between October and December 2013.

249 answers from higher education institutions, in their majority universities, from 38 European systems (EU and wider Europe), were received. While the sample is self-selected, it represents almost one third of EUA’s institutional membership. The survey asked about the type of e-learning institutions use, their experiences in this area and their expectations for the future. It considered blended and online learning in various formats.

Given the strong interest in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), a large section of the report is dedicated to this issue. The survey also posed questions regarding support structures and services, intra-institutional coordination, quality assurance and recognition.

E-Learning in European Higher Education Institutions

Michael Gaebel, Veronika Kupriyanova, Rita Morais, Elizabeth Colucci

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