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European universities are uniquely positioned to advance knowledge creation and European social and economic development through their creative responses to complex questions. They have been rightly recognised as major actors in the Lisbon process. We cannot expect, however, that creativity will thrive in higher education without the intentional and determined efforts of institutions and external stakeholders.

It is for this reason that EUA designed the Creativity Project as part of a palette of activities offered by EUA, such as the Institutional Evaluation Programme and a workshop series, aimed at strengthening European universities. The Creativity Project is also connected to a series of current and past EUA projects such as the Quality Culture, the Doctoral Programmes and the Doc Careers (Doc Careers I and Doc Careers II) projects. All these activities point to the need for engaging institutions and stakeholders in a major change process and provide practical recommendations for doing so.

Partners in the Creativity Project were invited to formulate operational recommendations to all actors involved because fostering creativity in higher education will require the joint efforts of higher education institutions, governments and other external partners.

As an exploratory project, the report also outlines various routes for taking its findings to the next level.

Creativity in Higher Education

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