17 February 2020 | Learning & Teaching Forum paper

Developing a National, Student-Centred Understanding of Student Success in Irish Higher Education

Lee O’Farrell, Terry Maguire

Student-centred learning and student success both act as lenses for reframing institutional activity with a core focus on the needs and values of individual students. While there is signficant crossover between the values of these two paradigms, however, their ultimate objectives do not fully overlap.

Student-centred learning prioritises the learning and engagement of students, whereas student success focuses on the broader aspirations of students including personal and social growth, work-readiness and engagement with the broader student experience. This paper looks at work currently underway in Ireland to develop a shared national understanding of student success and to identify the key enablers of student success both within and beyond the classroom.

ISSN: 2593-9602

This paper was presented at the 2020 European Learning & Teaching Forum and reflects the views of the named authors only.

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