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The DIAMAS project recently published the policy brief “Towards an enhanced and aligned institutional publishing landscape in the ERA”, reflecting on the lessons learned after the first year of the project’s activities and formulating preliminary recommendations.

In particular, the document calls for increased alignment in institutional publishing along several dimensions: (1) geographical (i.e. national, regional, and global), (2) disciplines and epistemic traditions, and (3) types of stakeholders (institutions, publishers, service providers, scholarly societies, journal editors), to benefit the work of researchers and thus enable science to progress faster.

Three recommendations are outlined in the analysis:

  • Develop national capacity centres and a Capacity Hub for institutional publishing
  • Clarify the landscape of institutional publishing
  • Adapt quality standards to institutional publishers
  • Foster global alignment of quality standards and guidelines in institutional publishing

The full document is available here.

EUA is a partner of the DIAMAS project, contributing to the mapping of the European landscape of Institutional Publishing Service Providers (IPSPs), building their capacity through knowledge sharing and providing actionable recommendations for their policies and strategies.

More information on the project and EUA’s involvement can be found here.

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