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The Open Access checklist is intended as a general guide to key matters that should be considered when institutions plan to develop a policy on Open Access to research publications. It is primarily addressed to higher education and research institutions that are developing, or planning to develop, a policy on Open Access to research publications. The checklist can be used by a variety of different actors at the institution, including the leadership, administration staff, librarians and researchers.

The checklist covers contextual factors/components that typically need to be considered when planning to develop an institutional policy on Open Access. It also includes references to valuable OA resources. This checklist is organised in two main chapters. The first chapter provides some key information on Open Access, such as benefits, challenges and ways of implementing Open Access. The second chapter describes a set of topics that institutions should consider when developing and implementing their policies on Open Access. This chapter is divided in three parts – strategic, practical and economic aspects in developing an Open Access policy.

EUA’s Open Access checklist for universities: A practical guide on implementation

Rita Morais, Joana Lourenço, John H. Smith and Lidia Borrell- Damian

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