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The DIAMAS (Developing Institutional Open Access Publishing Models to Advance Scholarly Communication) project has recently launched a survey on Diamond Open Access and the institutional publishing landscape.

This consultation aims to map how the sector of scholarly communication is currently organised in order to understand existing challenges and begin to develop resources, tools, policies and strategies which support relevant stakeholders.

The project – of which EUA is a partner – aims to support Diamond Open Access and institutional publishing by setting new standards, increasing visibility and promoting the sustainability of a diverse publishing landscape.

Respondents have until Sunday 30 April to complete the survey.

The survey should be filled out by representatives of Institutional Publishing Services Providers (IPSPs) from within the European Research Area. By IPSP, the project understands an entity that provides or coordinates a set of services for institutional academic publishing to the academic community. These services may be provided by the institutional publisher itself (in which case the institutional publisher is also the IPSP) or by other entities inside or outside the institution.

A representative of the IPSP with a good overview of publishing activities, including the provision and organisation of related services, should complete the survey.

Please note that only one response per institution should be submitted. Should you encounter any technical difficulties, or should you require further information, please contact our colleagues at

To help respondents complete the survey, DIAMAS is offering a series of SURVEY-A-THONS designed to provide practical support for any issues, questions and queries which may arise. These online sessions will give you the opportunity to block time for the survey and complete the questions with other participants. Representatives from the DIAMAS project will be on hand to answer questions and troubleshoot as you fill in the questionnaire.

EUA will host the first event in English in the series of SURVEY-A-THONS on 4 April at 10:30-12:30 CEST. Please find more information and register here.


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