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This report specifically presents the findings on Open Access from EUA’s 2020-2021 Open Science Survey.

How do universities monitor Open Access activities? How are universities preparing for the implementation of Plan S, which will apply to all Horizon Europe funding recipients? What major steps have universities recently taken to further the implementation of Open Access?

This follow-up to the 2020-21 EUA Open Science Survey addresses these and other questions, providing further insight into universities’ Open Access experiences.

It is part of a series of three follow-up reports to the main EUA 2020-2021 Open Science Survey report, which examine Open Science in academic assessment and research data in more depth. The third report (forthcoming in 2022) will take a closer look at the topic of research data.

A closer look at Open Access to research publications in European universities

Rita Morais, Stephane Berghmans and Vinciane Gaillard

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