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The European University Association (EUA) and the Latin American and Caribbean Space for Higher Education (ENLACES) have published a joint statement ahead of a summit between the two regions’ leaders.

The third summit between leaders from the European Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) takes place in Brussels from 17 to 18 July. As such, the EUA-ENLACES statement calls for a strengthened EU-CELAC partnership that fully acknowledges the role of research, innovation and higher education.

Furthermore, the statement notes the necessity of solutions built on knowledge and skills, whether in long-term transition processes or in response to sudden crises. Universities have a key role to play, through foundational research, knowledge creation, innovation and capacity building, as well as the provision of cutting-edge education and training for citizens and professionals at all stages of life and career. In particular, EUA and ENLACES identify the twin green and digital transition as a key area for enhanced, values-based collaboration.

To further enhance EUA-CELAC collaboration in higher education, research and innovation, the statement recommends measures such as a more structured EU-LAC higher education and research policy dialogue, with the systematic involvement of stakeholder organisations; the further development of the EU-CELAC higher education area and the EU-CELAC research area; regular EU-CELAC conferences on higher education, research and innovation policy and practice; transnational and transregional working groups on key topics and priorities; and enhancement of funding.

For more information about the summit and CELAC, please consult the website of the European Council.

Joint statement EU-CELAC agenda

Declaración conjunta_agenda UE-CELAC

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