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SEFI - the European Society for Engineering Education is extending an invitation to the 2023 European Convention for Engineering Deans. The convention will focus on leadership in higher engineering education, with an emphasis on empowering students to take full charge of their own learning in a digitally transforming world.

Digital education has been a fast-growing trend even before the pandemic and has gained more traction since. A large majority of higher education institutions have substantially changed by adapting to emergency remote education. Now that societies and educational institutions are adapting to ‘a new normal’, digital education is here to stay. At the same time, engineering itself is subject to digital transformation. Apart from the need to respond to and anticipate further the digital transformation in and of societies in general, universities see opportunities related to e.g., scaling-up, flexibilization, personalization, New Campus Role, and data-informed innovation. At the same time, (cyber) security threats, a lack of sense of community among students and teachers, and access need to be addressed to be able to fully benefit all target groups.

The convention will take place on 24-26 May 2023 at the University of Twente Campus, the Netherlands. For the full programme and for registration, please visit the dedicated website.

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