31 August 2023 | Report

Innovative Leadership and Change Management in Higher Education

NEWLEAD project key findings and recommendations

This report presents the key findings and recommendations of the  NEWLEAD project’s efforts to build the capacity of university leaders across Europe in steering change and addressing new priorities on the institutional transformation agenda.

From, 2020 to 2023, the main activities of the Innovative Leadership and Change Management in Higher Education (NEWLEAD) project consisted of survey-based mapping exercises, focus groups on leadership development and institutional transformation, and the development of a framework for the design of leadership development programmes (LDPs). The project also developed specific case studies on leading change on equity, diversity, and inclusion, collective leadership during a crisis, and leadership styles.

Findings from the NEWLEAD project demonstrate that leading and transforming universities is a complex endeavour, requiring a diverse skill set, adaptability, and the ability to navigate through ever-evolving challenges. Leadership and management are also among the many prerequisites to reaping the benefits of institutional autonomy and address today’s big transformation agendas. To succeed in these endeavours, universities must foster leadership development throughout the institution, including academic and professional support leaders.

The report highlights recommendations for national and European policy makers and universities, underlining the importance for upscaling support for the development and implementation of leadership development programmes for university leaders.

All of the project results, including this report are compiled in the dedicated NEWLEAD digital repository

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