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The Access to Success project (2008-2010), funded by the Erasmus Mundus programme of the European Union, aimed at raising awareness of access and retention issues in higher education in Africa and Europe, and at exploring how higher education institutions in both regions are coping with the changing demands of their specific socioeconomic environments. By doing so, the project also intended to contribute to a wider discussion on effective inter-institutional cooperation between Europe and Africa, in particular with regards to student and staff mobility schemes, capacity building partnerships and government/donor support.

The messages of the project have been captured in a final ‘White Paper’ that contains multi-actor recommendations for taking forward the Europe-Africa higher education cooperation agenda.

This compendium is intended to showcase the various outputs of the Access to Success project in an integrated manner. It is complementary to the White Paper publication and survey results.

Access to Success: Fostering trust and exchange between Europe and Africa

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