13 October 2005 | Report

10 years on: Lessons Learned from the Institutional Evaluation Programme

An EUA report with the support of the HKR and ACQUIN

Dr Stefanie Hofmann

The Institutional Evaluation Programme of the European University Association (EUA) was launched in 1993 and has evaluated over 110 universities in 35 countries. The evaluation reports offer a wealth of insights and recommendations which were waiting to be tapped. At the occasion of the Programme’s 10th anniversary, EUA decided to do so with this survey of some sixty evaluation reports including follow-up evaluations.

The following report aims at identifying the main current issues faced by higher education institutions and at disseminating them to the broad community of European universities, highlighting the challenges, the key areas for improvement as well as the main strategies, tools and implementation processes. Thus, the “frequently analysed problems” and the recommendations offered by the evaluation teams may contribute to the development of other higher education institutions.

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