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With the present paper, the European University Association (EUA) responds to the European Commission’s public consultation on promoting the mutual recognition of qualifications and study periods abroad. Launched in January 2018, the European Commission will use the consultation to prepare a proposal for a Council Recommendation as part of the initiatives to establish a European Education Area by 2025.

Recognition is a crucial building block of European higher education, both in the context of the Bologna Process and in European Union policies. The recognition of qualifications allows people to access study programmes and further their education in other countries, as well as use professional qualifications acquired in different locations. The recognition of study periods abroad allows students to be mobile during their studies. Well-functioning systems of recognition are crucial for the European knowledge society and its unique features involving the free movement of students, graduates and citizens at large. It also positions Europe as a strong competitor in the global education arena and more generally in a rapidly evolving world marked by a mobile and changing labour market.

EUA response to EU consultation on mutual recognition of qualifications and study periods abroad

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