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The first Trends report was mainly based on a survey of structure and trends in higher education in the EU/EEA countries. Trends II surveyed the other signatory countries of the Bologna Declaration. 

This review:
- confirms all the main conclusions reached in the first Trends report;

- reinforces the observation concerning the move towards a two-tier system, but not necessarily corresponding to the definitions used for the degree structure outlined in the Bologna Declaration (e.g. the notions of "postgraduate" or "binary" system of higher education);

- confirms the observation concerning the move towards accreditation;

- shows that long study programmes at all levels, and rather inflexible mono-disciplinary curricula still exist in several countries and would need to be adjusted to meet the principles of the Bologna Declaration.

Trends II - Towards the European higher education area : survey of main reforms from Bologna to Prague

Guy Haug and Christian Tauch

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