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The 2024 edition of the European Students’ Union’s ‘Bologna with Student Eyes’ report has been published.

The publication was developed in the context of the ESU-coordinated and Erasmus+ funded BWSE FOR2030 (Bologna with Stakeholders Eyes for an Innovative, Inclusive and Interconnected EHEA by 2030) project, in which EUA is a partner.

The publication explores how the implementation of the Bologna Process is perceived amongst ESU’s members (national unions of students). It also highlights students’ priorities and recommendations for the future of the Bologna Process. Issues of the Bologna With Student Eyes publication series are prepared before each Ministerial Conference, considering the period since the previous Ministerial Conference. This edition is dedicated to the Tirana Ministerial Conference, which took place in May 2024, and covers topics such as student participation, the Bologna key commitments, quality assurance, and learning and teaching.

 Download the full publication on ESU’s website: BWSE 2024

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