24 March 2022 | Report

Universities as key drivers of sustainable innovation ecosystems

Results of the EUA survey on universities and innovation

Kamila Kozirog, Sergiu-Matei Lucaci, Stephane Berghmans

This report provides in-depth analysis of the results of the first-ever Europe-wide survey on universities and innovation.

Designed to gather evidence about the state of innovation at European universities, the EUA survey took stock of how these institutions pursue their third mission and help deliver the sustainable and digital transitions. As such, it continues EUA’s long-standing work showcasing universities’ key contributions to innovation ecosystems, in a context of multiplying societal challenges and the increasing relevance of knowledge to devising new solutions.

The report also provides examples of innovation good practice at universities that can serve as a source of inspiration for policy makers, funding agencies and universities themselves. It concludes with a number of recommendations stemming from the key findings. These are meant to help ensure that the university sector’s innovation ambitions can be achieved.

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